Main Screen Icons

Save option to save your marking

Clear map markings,polylines and all shapes

Edit mode to edit polygon by adding a marker in between or moving an existing marker

Use this to toogle crosshair mode

Change unit of measurement

Zoom-in map image

Zoom-out map image

Main menu option

Animate map to your current location

Marker drawing mode :- free marking

Circle drawing mode :- draw proper circle

Rectangle drawing mode :- draw proper rectangle

Undo option to remove last placed marker

Redo option to reverse undo action

Selection mode:- Switch on this mode to select a polygon.

Lock polygon:- Use this to lock a polygon and draw another shape.

Auto snap to road

Hide UI elements and markers (either for capturing purpose)

Reading Measures

- represents distance of last line drawn.

Total Length
- represents sum total of all black lines drawn.

- represents total length of enclosed polygon.

- represents the area of enclosed red surface.

Changing map view type

To change map view type

  1. Click menu icon to open navigation drawer
  2. Inside the Map view section click the desired view

Clear map

To clear map select from main screen or use shortcut ctrl+alt+c.
Select Clear to clear active polygon or Clear all to clear all shapes on map.

Elevation Chart

Togeather with measures, get the elevation profile of the path marked. Its a powerfull tool for those ,undertaking projects on an area.

To use elevation go to main menu and select Elevation chart option.

Editing polygon

Turn on edit mode by clicking from main screen or us shortcut ctrl+E

Move existing marker by draging circle at the corner. Hold and drag the corner point to the desired position and lift the hold to move existing marker.

Inserting marker in between by dragging circle on line. Hold and drag the circle on line to the desired position and lift to insert a new marker.

Lock polygon

To lock an active free shaped polygon and draw a new shape click on the button on the main screen.

Draw Multi Shapes and Polygons

For professional use we provide drawing multiple polygons on same project.Calculate surface areas, buildings, plots, farms, forest areas or dimensions for fencing etc. on the single project.

  1. Draw free polygon To draw free polygon using marker select from bottom panel and click on map to place marker. To draw more free polygon click again and place markers for new polygon.
  2. Draw circle shape To draw circle shape click from bottom panel. Then click desired point on map and with mouse button pressed,drag the cursor to draw circle of desired radius.
  3. Draw rectangle shape To draw rectangle shape click from bottom panel. Then click desired point on map and with mouse button pressed, drag the cursor to draw rectangle of desired length and width.

Selecting a polygon :- Select, Label, Color, Remove

  1. Select polygon To select a polygon click and click on the polygon you desire to select.
  2. Label or Color polygon To label or change color of polygon click and hover the cursor over the desired polygon. A small window will pop up (as shown in the img). Change the properties of polygon and save.
  3. Remove polygon To remove or delete a polygon, use the above steps (Point 2) and click Remove.

Managing My Maps

To open list of saved maps, select My account (User name) from main menu .

  1. :- Open/Load Project
  2. :- Rename Project
  3. :- Delete Project

Setting custom unit of measurement

Apart from standard measurement units, a lot of regional units of measurement exists. MeasureIt Map provides premium feature of setting your own custom unit of measurement, give that unit a name and always read measuring in custom unit. That simple.

To set unit open custom unit dialog from main menu.Choose area or length and set upto 3 custom units for each type.

Advance Search

Latitude :- - -

Longitude :- - -


South of Equator:-

Apart from regular place search, search for the location using Latitude - Logitude , Degree-Minute-Second (DMS) or Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate search (UTM).

Changing measurement unit

To change unit of measurement click from main screen or use shortcut ctrl+u.Click on length or area tab to open list of units and select.

Auto snap to road

Don't miss any curve while marking. Auto span to road (Beta) will automatically place markers in between two points,taking all curves in consideration.

To use this feature, turn on Auto snap mode. Now place second marker at a distance and auto snap will automatically place markers in between the two.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Map related:-
+ Normal Map View + Satellite View
+ Terrain View + My Location
+ Map Zoom-In + Map Zoom-out
+ + Clear map
+ Save markings + Undo
+ CrossHair mode + Measurement Units
+ Open menuClose menu
+ + Clear map

Copy measures to Clipboard

To copy measures simply click on any of the measurements. Your measures will be copied to clipboard